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The Jane B. Show Turns A Corner!

The Jane B. Show is in production for a new season.

Up until now 80% of our tapings have been on location.  This time around we wanted invite successful female entrepreneurs who have made the decision to follow their passions and dreams into our studio to find out about their journey.

We found out there is No such thing as an overnight success.  There is a lot of  faith, trust  and sheer determination that goes into being a true success. We also talked about truly understanding and embracing our power as women.

Now for the good part!

The Jane B. Show’s team has grown.  We now have filled key positions to help us with production.  We brought in people who are specialist in their fields.  They have made our job easier and are seeing to it that we reach our goals a lot faster and with ease.

Before and after we began taping, our special guests starting  getting acquainted.  They began exchanging their thoughts on success.  It was a very relaxed and candid conversation.

The team was buzzing around busy taking care of their responsibilities.  We shot the segments, they went off without a hitch.

Then it happened!!  After wrapping the segments, we began cleaning up and getting things back in order when 2 of the team members came up to me and told me that they were the Truly Inspired by what they had just witnessed.  One who was in between careers and had been contemplating weather or not to step out on her own or look for a “9-5″.  She said , after listening to what they guests had to say, she decided that she was willing to pusue  her dreams.  Forgetting about her past decisions and only looking toward her future.


Our Mission, Goal and Purpose is to Inspire, Motivate and Uplift people to pursue their dreams and visions with confidence and determination.  It started from within in and now it will work itself outward!

That made my heart feel so light and lifted (I think my eyes got a bit moist :) )!  It feels amazing to witness the fruits of your labor.

This journey is well worth it.  I am following my bliss.

Be Blessed and Stay Passionate,

Jane B.


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