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Capoiera Brooklyn

Jane B. travels to Capoiera Brooklyn and meets Capoiera instructor/administrator Ana Costa. Ana teaches Jane B. through demonstrations and hands-on experience about this unique Afro-Brazilian form of martial arts. Capoiera was conceived in Africa but born and developed in Brazil. Ana and her husband teach Capoiera to children and adults.

It is a form of expression and allows others to express themselves through movement.
Capoiera Brooklyn

After years of renting studio spaces to teach Capoeira in Manhattan & Brooklyn, working in other schools and in other professions, we realized our dream of establishing Brooklyn’s first full–time Capoeira academy and Brazilian cultural center in April of 2006. The project and vision to create a space dedicated to Capoeira was a completed by the two of us and our students, who volunteered their time to help us demolish and rebuild walls, refinish and paint ceilings, and lay down floors, piece by piece, all in preparation to open the studio for its first class on April 2, 2006.

The idea of this academy was not only to consolidate all of the classes we were teaching in one location, but also to concentrate our energy into making the studio an extension of Capoeira’s first home: Brazil. At the academy, we work every day to cultivate good energy amongst our students, focus on continuity and development in their games, and to imbue our space with our love and respect for Capoeira and Brazilian culture arts. We use Capoeira as the principal tool for the spreading of Brazilian culture and music, and along with offering classes 6 days a week, including classes for kids, we offer workshops and classes specializing in Berimbau, Maculelê, Brazilian percussion and songs, Samba, and Portuguese language.

We went into venture wholeheartedly, investing all our free time and resources because we believe 100% in viability of Capoeira richness, its capacity to grow, and its universality. Brooklyn, a city that is so diverse and community oriented, seemed like the perfect place for us to set up long-lasting roots. Our students have formed a unique and supportive family within this thriving neighborhood, and we are happy that Capoeira is what brought them together, and that our academy has provided many of them a home in the truest sense of the word.

We hope that our academy, a flourishing extension of Brazil in the heart of Brooklyn, inspires Capoeiristas to visit Brazil, and to experience firsthand the place that brought forth such a multi-faceted, playful, and spiritual art. As Capoeira has opened so many doors for us, we hope that our students will have much to gain by immersing themselves in the rich fabric of Brazil and embarking upon new journeys of cultural exchange.

For more information on Capoiera Brooklyn, visit  CapoieraBrooklyn!


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