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Water Bobble

On this episode of The Jane B. Show, host Jane B. talks with two women business owners who reveal their wellness secrets to having a fabulous day. Also, Jane B. will share with you one of her favorite items that’s out on the market today. If you are a fan of drinking water and you are one of those people who are committed to carrying a water bottle everyday…Please tune in because this one product will be a game changer for you!
The Passion of Bobble:

In 2008 Bobble founders, Richard and Stephanie Smiedt, were developing product in Asia when they passed by an open field piled high with factory waste. The scale was massive, breathtaking (quite literally). The field was a graphic illustration of the often-invisible impact of production and consumption. Richard and Stephanie felt compelled to move in a different direction.

They turned their attention towards single-serve plastic water bottles. If those bottles were exacting a murderous toll on the environment, they would simply need to reinvent them. They had seen consumer willingness to replace plastic bags in the checkout line and felt confident consumers would do the same with water bottles. The invention of bobble’s portable filter was a signature milestone; the filter makes bobble possible, and distinguishes it from the cluttered field of water bottles. With bobble, consumers could have the experience of single-serve, minus its financial and environmental cost.

More on Bobble: visit Water Bobble
Guest Biographies:

Meca McKinney –
is a accessory design graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and holds a degree in art from Thomas Edison State College. Her journey has taken her throughout the NYC corporate fashion industry as a technical footwear designer to self-employment as an independent handbag designer and freelancer for corporations and other indies alike. Besides her own line of custom-made leather handbags and accessories, she is also a freelancer fashion writer for publications such as Tyra Bank’s website,, The and a lifestyle blogger. She teaches art/design to youngsters whenever possible, recently teaching handbag design for the Habitat of Humanity Recreation Center in Trenton and makes her rounds doing d.i.y fashion workshops and guest speaking engagements upon request. In May she was honored to be a guest speaker on a panel of entrepreneur women at Princeton University.

In March 2011, her first design book, “ENVISION: The Young Accessory Designer’s Guide to Collection Development” was released.

Meca and her designs have been featured in Upscale Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Trace Magazine, Clutch Mag Online, and countless fashion blogs. Some notable wearers of Jypsea’s handbags and accessories include Neo-soul singer Res, Imani Copolla of the rock group Little Sister and Judith Jamison of the famed Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. She was recently on The Today Show in a feature about eco-friendly fashion.

Visit Meca McKinney –

Megan O’Sullivan –
While in graduate school, Tia’s Place owner Megan O’Sullivan conceived of a different kind of clothing boutique combining up-and-coming designers and niche brands with staple lines that would attract clientele wanting a personalized shopping experience in a neighborhood atmosphere, although they were in the city. In early 2004, armed with eight years of financial experience from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Megan traded Wall Street for Grove Street, where she settled on a 2,000 square foot space in downtown historic Jersey City, NJ to open Tia’s Place. In 2009, Tia’s Grand Central Terminal was opened. This satellite store was the perfect answer for clients needing a fun, affordable boutique to express their style and indulge their shopping urge amidst a wounded economy.
Since opening, Tia’s has become a destination for stylists and fashionistas. Megan has served as a stylist for magazine and television and a resource for other stylists through the NYC area. Future plans include expanding the stores eponymous jewelry line to bags and clothing, continuing their special events like the Annual Fall Fashion Preview with Shape Magazine, and seeking out their next location.

Visit Megan O’Sullivan: –

Visit Sheny Nefer Natural Hair Stylist:


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