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Beauty For Real Lip Gloss

On this segment of The Jane B. Show, host Jane B. chats with a couple of successful women entrepreneurs while revealing the latest beauty products from Beauty For Real. The featured item on the show today is their illuminating lip gloss. This innovative product comes with a LED light, a mirror, and it is loaded with natural properties including green tea and grape seed extracts, aloe vera, avocado oil, and many essential vitamins. It also has great anti – aging capabilities. This light up lip gloss is super fun, flirty, and multi-functional which makes it PERFECT for every girl on the move! Listen closely as Jane B. uncovers what Renee Daniel Flagler and Jessica Styles, lives by as a daily beauty regimen to keep them looking fresh. We hope you enjoy and we invite you to join the discussion online at Please feel free to post a comment about your beauty secrets as well.

The Passion of Beauty For Real Lip Illuminating Lip Gloss

This SEE THE LIGHT! ILLUMINATING LIP GLOSS formula is like no other!
It’s loaded with PLANT DERIVED antioxidants like green tea and grape seed extracts delivering outstanding regenerative properties and ANTI-AGING capabilities, as well as aloe vera and avocado oil which are full of essential vitamins, are antibacterial and are highly emollient.

They contain a groundbreaking lip plumper which feels COOL and REFRESHING when applied.
Marine collagen infuses lips with plumping benefits, leaving lips FULL and LUSCIOUS.
We have created a super high tech package with a convenient mirror on the bottle and an LED light in the lid that illuminates lips when applying, for an easy, PERFECT APPLICATION on the go!
Lights are easily turned on and off with the button on the lid and can also be used as a mini flashlight in your handbag, at a dim lit restaurant or in your car!
Our lipgloss has a super moist, silky feel on the lips, it’s LIGHTWEIGHT, comfortable, not sticky or tacky, yet is long wearing.

For More Beauty For Real: visit BEAUTYFORREAL.COM

Guests Biographies

Jessica Styles
is a South Carolinian who has taken New York City by storm. Styles is the Founder and CEO of The FAB Network, a consulting firm that caters to students and professionals. Less than two years after its official launch, The FAB Network has implemented an after-school program in the Bronx and helped numerous young professionals pursue their dream jobs. Jessica says “Helping individuals to realize their passions and connecting them with the appropriate resources is the entire game plan for FAB!”

Renee Daniel Flagler
is a marketing professional, award-winning freelance writer and the author of Mountain High Valley Low, Miss-Guided & In Her Mind. Renee also pens a relationship column on XI Online Magazine and started, a blog for women pursuing their passions. Connect with Renee at Facebook, and Twitter or visit her on

Accessories provided by Tia’s Place:

Hair Styling provided by Sheny Nefer:

Dress Provided by Pauline Asmah Designs:


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