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Natural Hair in Main Stream Media

By Latoya Johnston of

Jane B. with Miko & Titi – Miss Jessies

On my way to work one morning I came across a billboard with the creators Titi and Miko of Miss Jessie’s hair care products stating that they would be coming to a location in Brooklyn, NY. However what really caught my attention was the two beautiful women with naturally curly hair. I was amazed. I can not remember seeing a billboard with a person with natural hair. It was rare for me to see a billboard with a person with natural hair. It made me think,  Is natural hair becoming more recognized in main stream society?  I believe it is.

I had become accustomed to seeing women of color with straight hair in print ads, commercials and in magazines, but now I am seeing more woman wearing there natural hair.

Shea Moisture Hair Products

One of the reasons I believe natural hair is becoming more accepted into main stream media is because the hair styles have evolved.  In the 60’s and 70’s African American women were wearing the basic afro, cornrows, or a ponytails. However, nowadays styles like puffs, wash n go’s, twist outs, and braids outs gives woman much more versatility and styling options. The past few years’ natural hair has become more of a styling trend. As for me I decided to go natural a year ago.  After years of my hair being damaged from relaxers it became a personal choice. Through various forms media including natural hair blogs and You Tube videos I was able to educate myself on how to properly maintain my natural hair.

Another reason advertisers are choosing to use natural hair models is to make the distinction between a woman hair who is naturally kinky and a woman whose hair is naturally straight. By doing so they are targeting more than one audience. It helps expand their business and to reach more consumers.  Natural hair products lines have also expanded. Companies like Kera Care, Pantene Pro V, and others are creating products for both natural and relaxed hair, so everyone benefits.

YaYa with Natural Hair

So my question is , Why has it taken so long for natural hair to become recognized in mainstream media?  Is it because natural has become more acceptable or is it because more people are seeing the beauty of natural hair.

Its awesome that natural hair has come to the forefront and that more people have become aware of the beauty of natural hair.  Natural hair has changed my life. It has helped me to acknowledge my hairs’ potential, beauty and individuality.  You Tube has been my main source that has helped my as so many others.  Women sharing their stories has inspired me and have helped me through my natural hair journey.


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