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Seamless Loc Reattachement

It’s Magical!

Locs are made up of naturally sheading hairs.  Those hairs have no where to go but back into the loc, this is what causes the locs to swell.  Over time it is quite normal for locs to break.  Hair texture and maintenance also plays a part in the breaking of locs.  There use to be a time when broken or cut locs were just discarded.  That does not have to be the case anymore.  As long as the locs are in good condition, they can be seamlessly reattached.  Undetectable!  Even to the most skilled eye.  If you have locs that have broken or have been cut, keep them.  Bring them to me and let’s see if we can create magic by fully restoring them!


Repeat After Me!

“Afro Kinky hair is the MOST versatile hair in the world!”  It is unique, plain and simple!  No other hair texture can do the things that our hair can do.  It can be worn straight, in an afro, curled, braided and twisted all in one week!  Not enough shine, straighten it and watch the shine pop, not enough wave, wear a twist out, no obvious curl pattern,  use flexi rods (pictured below).   As your mood changes, so can you hair style.  Whichever style you choose,  make sure it’s protected so you can always return to your original texture, so your hair can live to see more healthy styles in the future.

New Year, A Better You!

A New Year, A Better You!

It’s a new year and a great time for a change.  This beauty decided that she was ready to transition from the relaxer back to her naturally thick tresses.  Once she was fully committed to the process, she walked in and boldly proclaimed “Cut it off”…Just in time for 2018.  She elevated her style from “Nice” to a “Knockout”.  She left feeling, free, bold, confidant and ready to grab 2018 by the horns with style!  Anytime is always a great time for change!

Grow it While You Protect it!

Grow It While You Protect It!

BE BOLD, CONFIDANT AND UNAPOLOGETIC!  Protective Styling is a great way for you to continually look your best while you give your natural hair a rest. These days, you have many options, from Kinky Twists, Crochet Curls/Braids/Fros, Marley or Havana Twists, etc.  Choose a style that is kind and suits your hair needs and rock it out.  In time and with the proper care, your hair should grow and you will see improvement! – Jane B.

Instant Locs


FINALLY, you now have the option of by-passing every stage of the starting locs  process and can leave your first session with fully matted locs that can be washed and styled immediately.


Lovely Locs

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What’s better then healthy maintained locs? A slaying style to match, that’s not too fussy but packs a punch that can be taken from the boardroom to the ballroom!

F.A.Q. –

What is Palm Rolling?
Palm rolling is a maintenance technique in which the palms of your hands roll (or twist) the hair into a circular formation. This technique is mainly used on traditional locs.

What is Interlocking?
Interlocking is a maintenance technique in which the end of the loc is pulled through the root to tighten the new growth down to the scalp. This technique can be achieved with a tool and it is commonly used in the Sisterlocks™ and micro locs hair locking systems.




Warm Weather, Short Cuts!

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The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer and hair is getting shorter.  Sleek and tapered cuts topped with a wash and go to enhance your curl pattern and a pops of color to boot!  Jane B. Natural Beauty has got you covered to reveal and enhance your sassy side!


Flattwist Magic!

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Flattwists are an elegant alternative to cornrows.  The style possibilities are endless,  they can be sculpted and directed to fit any occasion.  Weather you are a bride or in the boardroom, your flattwists will be make a statement of pride, confidence and self-assurance.


Options, Choices, Decisions!

Natural hair never needs to be boring!  There are many options that can lift your hair to it’s greatest potential.  After we consult with you and advise you of your options,  the decision is yours.  Locs, Curls, Twists, Color, Extensions…let’s create Natural Girl Magic!

Coil Transformation

What started out as a desire for comb coils has transitioned to a head full of lovely interloc’d locs.  Comb coils are the gateway into starting locs, you can wear them as a style of use them as barometer to envision future locs.

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