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Spotlight on Tara Dixon of Gratitude Designs

Sometime All You Need to Hear is “Thank You”!

Tara Dixon is the Owner/Artist of  Gratitude Designs by Tara

Hometown: New York, NY

When and how did you discover your passion?

I have been a painter and an artist as long as I can remember.  I have a vivid memory of standing before an easel in nursery school probably at the age of three and dipping a paint brush is a pot of red paint and another into  a pot of white paint and  blending them together feeling as if I had invented the color pink!
I had made forty paintings with the words “thank you” etched in them after my husband of eighteen years and I separated.  At that point, I realized that I had made a “gratitude series.”  I was grateful for our time together.  He he always been supportive throughout our separation,with raising our son and with my art.   Gratitude Designs by Tara Dixon was born six months later.

What has been your biggest obstacle you’ve faced in pursuing your passion?

Endurance has been my biggest obstacle.  Sustaining my belief in my dream and hanging in there before things started to happen.

What was the determining factor for you to step out full-time with your Passion?

The realization that the only way for this to take off is by jumping in with both feet.

What the best advise you ever received?

To just say, “YES” and then figure it out after.

What has been your biggest motivation?

The increasing cost of my studio space and my desire to help send my son to college.

How do you to deal with adversity?

Believe it or not, by writing gratitudes.

How do you give back?

I give back 5% of my profits to The Flawless Foundation( a non profit that helps children with brain disorders and psychiatric and neuro-developmental disorders.  I have served on the board of Flawless since February 2009.

Who has been your biggest inspirations

Miles Dixon, my son and muse, age 13
My niece, Brooke Allinson, age 9
My mother, friend and mentor Ginger Kilbane, owner Hotel Silver (
Regena Thomashauer, author, speaker and CEO of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, NYC (


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