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The F.A.B. Network

Founder Jessica Styles celebrates her 1 year anniversary of her company focused on Fashion Arts and Beauty. For more information visit

The FAB Passion and Mission:

FAB is a professional consulting firm dedicated to fostering career and social opportunities for young adults to help build and enhance their careers in the worlds of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and related industries. We are an organization that provides engaging and creative career development services and exclusive industry knowledge that educates and prepares individuals to succeed, both professionally and personally.
FAB Focus:

– Students: Educate and expose students to knowledge, career options, business culture, mentors, working professionals and post graduate opportunities to ensure they are well-informed and prepared to succeed.

– Institutions: Develop partnerships with intermediate and higher education platforms to help bridge the student to professional gap by connecting faculty and students with exclusive career development curriculum, strategies and resources.

– Professionals: Inspire and engage working professionals by providing a host of career services, such as career coaching, workshops, networking events and career camps – all set to advance existing careers.

– Companies: Establish a solid relationship with FAB industry-related companies to help bridge the gap between corporate companies and young adults by providing career development programs, internships, jobs and mentorship opportunities to driven and talented individuals.


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