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Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Confidant Cut Above!

I have had the pleasure of taking part in this beauty’s journey back to her natural roots! She transitioned by wearing crochet styles, individual braids and rod sets. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call that she was ready to turn the page on her journey by getting her hair tapered. I suggested we top it off with comb coils that I popped out in the crown for fullness. Her hair really agreed with this style, producing luscious shiny curls that with proper care will last her for a few weeks



Leave it alone and watch it grow!

“If You Leave It Alone, It will Grow!” – Jane B.

I have said this to many of my clients!  There is a stereotype and belief by many Black people that our hair does not grow.  The truth is, that while our hair has strong attributes, when constantly manipulated with chemicals and many forms of extensions and excessive heat, it weakens the hair that leads to breakage.  There is a way to give your hair a break, it’s call “Protective Styling”.  Styles that require very little manipulation to your own hair, thus giving it a chance to be rejuvenated and to grow.  If you wear a protective style that lasts 2 months, your hair can grow between 1/2 – 1 inch.  Crochet Braids and Havana Twists are two beautiful examples of Protective Styles!


Bantu Precision

Bantu Precision!

Bantu Knots are an excellent way to set natural hair for an amazing head of curls using no heat.  Bantu Knots are also amazing as a stand alone style.  It’s all in the parting.  Precision parts gives this style a bold edge that makes a statement.  2 styles in 1!


“Calling Becky with the Thick Hair”

Calling “Becky” with the THICK Hair!

I had the pleasure of recently working this Natural Beauties.  I have discovered in my Making People Beautiful with their God given Tresses Journey, that ALL textures of Natural Hair is beneficial. Thick hair, though it can be challenging at times, yields the greatest results when your desire is longevity, lastability and neatness.  Thick hair is great for Two Strand Twist, Flat Twists and Updos!  Retaining moisture is the key, if you are going to Rock a Fro, make sure you moisturize and twist it at night, put on a satin bonnet, scarf or pillow and let it go in the morning.


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