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Flattwist Magic!

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Flattwists are an elegant alternative to cornrows.  The style possibilities are endless,  they can be sculpted and directed to fit any occasion.  Weather you are a bride or in the boardroom, your flattwists will be make a statement of pride, confidence and self-assurance.


Options, Choices, Decisions!

Natural hair never needs to be boring!  There are many options that can lift your hair to it’s greatest potential.  After we consult with you and advise you of your options,  the decision is yours.  Locs, Curls, Twists, Color, Extensions…let’s create Natural Girl Magic!

Coil Transformation

What started out as a desire for comb coils has transitioned to a head full of lovely interloc’d locs.  Comb coils are the gateway into starting locs, you can wear them as a style of use them as barometer to envision future locs.

Straight Hair With Care…Versatility!

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We love our Natural Kinks, Coils and Curls.  Our hair is the most unique and versatile of most other groups!  Afros, Updos, Twist Outs or Straight, we can wear it all.  Hair to fit your attitude, mood and occasion.  Straight hair with care is about controlling the heat consumption during the process.  Although we like to wear straight hair on occasion, make sure it reverts to your kinks without a hitch.  Straighten with confidence and prevent heat damage by staying under 425 degrees.  – Jane B.




Faux Locs, Real Protection!

Once upon a time, creating faux locs was a time consuming process that could take hours to complete.  The weight of the the individual locs added pressure to the follicles which overtime could cause thinning.  Thankfully, these days, faux locs have been designed in a crochet format so you can have the the look and feel of authentic locs in a 1/4 of the time while protecting your natural hair.


A Confidant Cut Above!

I have had the pleasure of taking part in this beauty’s journey back to her natural roots! She transitioned by wearing crochet styles, individual braids and rod sets. So I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call that she was ready to turn the page on her journey by getting her hair tapered. I suggested we top it off with comb coils that I popped out in the crown for fullness. Her hair really agreed with this style, producing luscious shiny curls that with proper care will last her for a few weeks


Leave it alone and watch it grow!

“If You Leave It Alone, It will Grow!” – Jane B.

I have said this to many of my clients!  There is a stereotype and belief by many Black people that our hair does not grow.  The truth is, that while our hair has strong attributes, when constantly manipulated with chemicals and many forms of extensions and excessive heat, it weakens the hair that leads to breakage.  There is a way to give your hair a break, it’s call “Protective Styling”.  Styles that require very little manipulation to your own hair, thus giving it a chance to be rejuvenated and to grow.  If you wear a protective style that lasts 2 months, your hair can grow between 1/2 – 1 inch.  Crochet Braids and Havana Twists are two beautiful examples of Protective Styles!


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