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Black Hair Grows Tees

Have you ever heard or felt like your God given “Black Hair” was not good enough because it’s nappy, it breaks, it’s overall bad and does not grow? You are not alone. That is the narrative that has been widely presented.

Unfortunately, with all of the mis-guided information that has been put out there, the truth has somehow fallen in between the cracks and many people have taken on this thinking as reality!

The one thing I know for sure as a Natural Hair Care specialist is that Black Hair is “unique” when compared to what is constantly presented in the mainstream as the standard of beauty.

So before we can even consider the notion that Black Hair actually grows, we have to consider the following:

– God makes no mistakes!
– You and your hair are intentional!
– Appreciation for what is, is the key to growth (no pun intended)!
– Self love is the first steps to all levels of mental freedom!

Now that we have that understanding, please know that #BLACKHAIRGROWS!!!!

How does it grow..simply by leaving it alone. We have become so accustomed to doing things to our hair that does not support and is foreign to our natural texture therefore causing all sorts of problems, namely Traction Alopecia or gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair.

A few basic tips to get your natural hair off to the right start:

– Speak life and positive thoughts to your hair daily (it really works!)
– Keep your scalp oiled and your hair moisturized
– Protect your open hair at night with twist or braids
– Cover your head with silk or a satin scarf at bedtime
– Get regular steam treatments
– Use added hair sparingly and no longer than 8 weeks at a time
– Be aware of tight braiding or sewing


-The highest quality tees comes in 4 sizes

-The more you wash, the softer they become

– No stretching or fading

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$20.00 – Please indicate your size selection, Medium, Large, X- Large, 2XL

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