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Makeup Parties F.A.Q.


1. How long does each makeup application take?

20-25 minutes

2.Is there a minimum amount of ladies for the party?

Yes, the minimum amount of ladies for a Makeup Party is 3

3. Where do you travel for parties?

New York Metropolitan Area (travel fees do apply)

4. Am I responsible for your traveling?

 You will only be responsible for tolls and parking (if applicable)

5. Do you apply individual eyelashes at the party?

No,  just strip lashes (additional fee apply)

6.  How long is the group makeup lesson?

 The group makeup lessons are 1 –  1/2 hours.

7. Is the makeup provide the class?

 Yes, however, the participants can feel free to bring the makeup their own makeup.

8. What type of music do you bring?

We have a good mixture of songs from all genres to get the party started.

9. I have my own music, can we play that?

 Of course.  We provide an sound dock for I pods which can accommodate any playlist you choose.

10. Will you bring makeup to purchase?

Yes, we will provide makeup items for you to purchase on the spot.

11.  What types of payment do you take.

We take cash and major credit cards and paypal.

12.  How do I securely book  Jane B.  for a specific party date?

A 50% deposit of the total amount of attendees is required to hold your party date.  All payments are due at least 7 days prior to the event.

13. Can party attendees pay for their makeup application individually?

Yes, once the initial deposit has been paid, party attendees can make payments via cash, major credit card or paypal.

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